Some people would say that plumbing is everyone’s work, while others say that it needs a special skill set, training, and experience. The truth is  – it depends and it is oftentimes something in between. It is true that there are plumbing issues that an ordinary person can repair such as repairing a leaking faucet or a stuck toilet. However, there are also issues that may need what professionals have.  

If problems persist on your plumbing, it is recommended that you search on plumbers near me to have a quotation and check the problem especially when you do not have any knowledge when it comes to plumbing repairs and issues. 

Here, in this article, we will share to you some of the misconceptions about plumbing and repairs that you need to stop believing. 

1. You can use lemon to clean a garbage disposal 

The idea that you can just put a lemon on garbage disposal for cleaning purposes is a belief that has been passed on from generation to generation. This method of “cleaning” the garbage disposal comes from the idea that lemon can be used as an organic cleaning substance. While it is true that you can use lemon to get rd of the smell, you can never use it for cleaning your garbage disposal.  

The ideal thing to do is to use soap, warm water, and brush for cleaning your garbage disposal.  

2. You can only use heavy chemicals for fixing clogs 

A lot of people think that there is a need to force out the substances and debris in a clogged system by pouring on very harsh chemicals. But the problem is, harsh chemicals provide more damage to your pipes. This worsens when you always use harsh chemicals whenever you experience clogging, as the chemicals and their toxic substance will induce faster corrosion on your pipes that can be very expensive to replace. Also, the chemicals that you put in the pipe can get into the water causing some health problems in your family. 

3. Always keep your faucet turned tightly 

This is one of the most common misconceptions about leaky faucets. Some believe that it is important to turn the faucet very highly to address or prevent a leaking faucet. However, the truth is when you do this, you are imposing more damage to the faucet, leading to faster damage until you will need to replace the whole thing.  

4. All plumbers are the same 

This belief is rooted in the belief that plumbing is a very easy task, and therefore, everyone is so much capable of fixing some plumbing issues. However, this is not true. Aside from the fact that not all ordinary people are capable of plumbing repair, not all professionals provide an excellent type of service too. This is why it is a necessary skill to be able to interview prospective plumbing companies.  

Other plumbing myths: 

  • It is okay to flush things which label provides “flushable” 
  • All water pressure is meant to fluctuate 
  • You can always pout anything down so ling as there is a running water 
  • All faucets leak over time.